Istri Boongan

Istri Boongan indonesian films synopsis and review.
Istri Bo’ongan is an Indonesian drama adult movie about a young man lies to his parents for love, starring Julia perez, pretty and sexy artist.
After two years Arya never returned to his parents’ home in Magelang.
Arya decided to go home at the time of his parents wedding anniversary with the candidate’s wife. Arya was confused because his girlfriend, Amara is a successful career woman. And his parents did not like.
Arya and Amara looking for ways to make their relationships sanctioned and approved by the parents of Arya.

Emerged an idea to have a fake girlfriend and taken to Magelang. After selecting a choice many women, eventually fell to Fani, a girl working as a sales. Arya promised money to Fani when she would be a fake girlfriend for a month, and she agreed.
Arya and Fani go to Magelang. Until one day Amara also to Magelang, see Arya and his family. Arya was surprised and tried to Amara did not tell all the plays to his parents. But too late, Amara can not bear to tell the real story.
Arya’s parents get angry, because he felt deceived. Ultimately, Fani decided to go because she felt insulted. Until finally Arya realizes that he does not love Amara. but more in love with Fani. Istri Boongan

Download Istri Boongan
Download Istri Boongan

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